Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wisconsin Cheese Map

Cheeselovers will be glad to know that the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has just produced a new 2008 Traveler's Guide to America's Dairyland cheese map. You can order one online for free. I ordered mine last week.

Anyone attending the Wisconsin Epistemology Conference next month should consider including a tour of a great American creamery on their itinerary.

I like to pair wine and cheese tours with professional business whenever I can. For example, the last time the American Philosophical Association held its Pacific Division meeting in San Francisco, I included a two-day trip to Napa Valley. I don't make it out to Wisconsin very often, but hopefully I will be able to combine philosophy conferencing and Wisconsin cheese tasting soon.

Interested readers might also want to consult my earlier post on the Vermont Cheese Trail.


~~Louise~~ said...

Hi James,
I happened upon your blog in search of grilled cheese sandwich recipes in celebration of April as Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for this valuable information about the Wisconsin cheese map. I'm hoping to visit Wisconsin this year so I'm going to head right over and sign up for one.

Thanks! again...

James Beebe said...


I didn't realize it was Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. I'll definitely have to blog about that. Thanks for the tip and enjoy your trip to Wisconsin.