Saturday, June 30, 2007

Carr Valley Billy Blue

Carr Valley has quickly become one of my favorite cheesemakers. I've raved about their fascinating Mobay Cheese before, and this past week I discovered their Billy Blue goat cheese. I highly recommend it.

Unlike most blue cheeses, which are made from cow's milk, Billy Blue is made from Wisconsin goat's milk. Carr Valley also makes Ba Ba Blue, a blue sheep's milk cheese. The tremendous variety of cheeses made at this single creamery is amazing.

The chèvre and blue in Billy Blue make for an interesting combination. The white part of the cheese has many of the typical features of chèvre--a fairly bright white color, a soft, crumbly texture and a mild flavor. The mildness of the white portion contrasts nicely with the sharpness of the blue veins.

Billy Blue is aged only four months and took 3rd place in the "New Cheese" category at the 2006 American Cheese Society Competition.

Shopping tip for readers in Buffalo: The Wegman's by the Boulevard Mall has a small display case devoted to Carr Valley cheeses. Other Wegman's stores in western NY may have similar displays. Carr Valley cheeses are well worth investigating.

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