Saturday, September 15, 2007

Grilled Cheese: Literally

Halloumi is a traditional cheese from Cyprus that does not melt when cooked. It can be placed directly on a barbecue grill. I grilled mine in a bit of extra virgin olive oil on the stove and drizzled it with lemon juice. My entire family loved it.

A couple of weeks after I read Jamie Forrest's post about Grilled Halloumi over at Serious Eats, Halloumi showed up in my local cheese shop, Premier Gourmet. Either the cheese buyer at Premier or some other customer must read the same blogs I do.

Halloumi is traditionally made from sheep and goat's milk. It is sold vacuum packed in a bit of its own whey. The true flavor of Halloumi is revealed only when it is cooked. Uncook Halloumi is plain and rather tart. Its texture most resembles mozzarella.

Halloumi served with salad, hummus and pita bread is a tasty treat. Here are some other recipes for Halloumi:

Shopping tip for Buffalo readers: Halloumi is currently available at Premier Gourmet, but I don't expect it to be a regularly stocked item. If your local cheese vendor doesn't carry Halloumi, you can always purchase some at

Although I originally bought Halloumi solely for its novelty, I'm going back to buy some more because it is delicious. I recommend trying this unique cheese.

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