Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Buffalo's Best Cheese Shops

Here are the best places to buy cheese in Buffalo, NY:

1. Premier Gourmet. Premier has a wonderful selection of cheeses from around the world. It is hands down the best cheese shop in the area. You can give yourself an extensive education in cheese simply by sampling a new variety of cheese each time you visit. They also have a helpful and friendly staff, with a very knowledgeable head cheesemonger, Amanda. Their prices are quite reasonable, and they are willing to place custom orders.

2. Wegman's. Most Wegman's stores (Buffalo's higher-end grocery chain) carry an amazing amount and variety of cheese. In fact, the Wegman's by the Boulevard Mall carries more gourmet and artisanal cheeses than Premier. There are two reasons, however, why this greater volume does not make Wegman's the top place to buy cheese. One is that Wegman's prices tend to be higher than Premier's. Also, at Wegman's you will not likely receive personal service from someone with a deep knowledge of cheese. The experience of buying cheese should, in my opinion, be accompanied by free samples and informative conversation about cheese. Premier is the best place for that. But if you're just interested in browsing through lots of cheeses, Wegman's can be a good place to visit.

3. Lexington Co-op. The Lexington Co-operative Market, Buffalo's best natural foods place, carries a nice selection of fine cheeses. They carry a variety of blue, soft-ripened and local artisan cheeses. While their selection is not as extensive as either Premier or Wegman's, you can still find some nice cheeses there.

If anyone knows of another good place to buy cheese in Buffalo, please let me know. I always love discovering a new cheese shop.

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Buffalo T-shirts said...

While this cheese shop is not in Buffalo, if you're ever up in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON you've got to stop in at Pairings. Owners Jessica and Katy Bell are not only knowledgeable cheesemongers but friendly as all hell. I usually head on in and tell them I want the stinkiest stuff they've got and they never disappointed. Its usually the highlight of the trip.